Individual, Couple & Family Counselling in Bloor West Village, Toronto

Seeking therapy is a creative and empowering choice to take charge of your well-being.


Support through difficult times.

There are seasons in life that can be painful, confusing or hard to manage. We all need safe listening companions in order to weather the ups and downs of life. If you are finding that you need a bit more help — or a different kind of help — than your support system is able to provide, therapy could be worth exploring.


Heal and grow.

Embracing the therapeutic process brings insight into yourself and your relationships. It is a means to start healing which ultimately leads to internal freedom and less hindrance in life.


Couples Counselling

Navigating emotions and communication with a partner or spouse can be challenging. You may be stuck in a holding pattern, or perhaps a new life event has put an additional strain on the relationship. Couples therapy can support in navigating feelings, building compassion for each other and finding new and effective ways to communicate.